“Frequently” might be pushing it…

Didn’t Douglas Adams already do this with The Meaning Of Liff?

Douglas Adams and John Lloyd’s superb book, The Meaning Of Liff, was certainly an inspiration for The Dictionewary. I still have my original copy of their book, and it was something I used to look through regularly during the mid 80s up until the early 90s.

The main difference between their book and mine is that their words were all place names. They attributed definitions to locations, (town, villages, etc.) whereas the words in The Dictionewary are a combination of portmanteaus, acronyms and general assemblies of letters which seem to fall into place and make a nice sounding noise.

If you have to make a choice to buy The Dictionewary or The Meaning Of Liff, get The Meaning Of Liff. It is fantastic in a way my book can only aspire to be.

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