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About the book

The Dictionewary is a dictionary, but new. It contains hundreds of new words, words that are so new they have not yet been introduced into “normal” dictionaries.

The idea behind The Dictionewary is to compile all these new words and create an additional dictionary. Think of it as DLC for the current dictionaries.

New words find their way into "normal" dictionaries by continual use - if a word is used often enough it becomes part of normal language and dictionaries include them.  Eventually words from The Dictionewary  will find their way into “normal” dictionaries, and by purchasing a copy of The Dictionewary you are helping support the usage of these new words.

By using some of the words in conversations online or in real life you will help shape the future of our language.


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Why do I need a Dictionewary?

The Dictionewary contains many words that have only recently been introduced into modern language, and therefore do not yet appear in "normal" dictionaries. Get ahead of the game and learn these words early. Become a language maverick!

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Examples from The Dictionewary

Below are some of the new words from within The Dictionewary. Learn them, use them and help them make their way into mainstream language.



The expectations you believe your pet has of you that you feel guilty you don't live up to, despite the whole scenario being predominantly self induced.



An exclamation for when you buy something, and are unhappy when you find it is exactly as advertised.



To be forced into a hugging situation after a hugging protocol was initiated by someone else, where you feel as though you are expected to hug someone despite it being something you really don't want to do.



An embarrassingly loud burp that a lady does, which everyone thinks the nearby man did.



An opinion that you quickly change when you realise that the opposing opinion is proving more popular.



The apprehensive feeling when you can no longer read small text and you realise you may have to start wearing glasses.